It’s hard to educate others

Yeah I said it. It’s hard to educate others. I’ve been writing this blog now for about a couple of years, did a couple of IG lives, and have done my best to encourage others about mental health and Christianity. Over the years, I’ve had people send me comments and questions that I’ve already answered or tried to debate me due to their lack of knowledge or prideful behavior. I do my best to tell them my stance but I can only do so much. I have to remind myself everyday that it’s in God’s hands now. And I’m simply not God, I’m just his child.

Back when I was in college my professor told me, “We hear, we listen, but we don’t understand.” This phrase always comes up whenever I am arguing with somebody because it’s true. In a group that I’m a part of I chimed in on a conversation discussing, “What is something petty that a woman/man does that turns you off.” I wrote, “It may be petty but women who listen, condone, or even entertain Cardi B. or musicians like her.” I knew someone was going to have an issue with this but men of God aren’t punks so I was ready to respond.

A lady commented, “So I work out to Cardi B. music So are you saying you won’t entertain those kinds of women.”
In my mind I’m sure I just answered that question so I did what I always do, I just doubled down on the comment and replied, “Yes I do not condone or entertain women who listen to Cardi B., especially because she used to rob and drug men.”
She responded, “You can’t judge her and try to condemn her,”
I responded, “I’m simply not judging her and not even condemning her at all. I’m stating that what she did was wrong and she needs to repent. I’m sure she can change if she repents as a man. I definitely have to question any woman who entertains or listens to her because her motives may be of pure evil. Therefore, I don’t want a woman that listens to her music at all, to me her music is just evil, not entertainment.

Finally, it seemed like she saw it from my POV (point of view) but situations like this get pretty agitating. I just explained what I meant and all you had to do was re-read and try to hear my comment in your head.

Other arguments/explanations that come to my mind that I’ve had is:

– Explaining that I’m Vegan and telling people I do not eat any form of animals (insects and amphibians included) and people constantly asking me if I eat eggs or fish
– Telling people why I left the church but don’t disagree with church in general and DO NOT believe all churches are the same but some are controlling
– Having to explain to family members that my writing in no way shape or form is about them
– Explaining sexual morality to guys who just want to sleep around with a bunch of women

Those are the main arguments/explanations I’ve gotten into over the years. And trust me it gets tiring. Not everyone comes in trying to say I’m condemning or being legalistic, others are just trying to understand my POV. However, when one deliberately tries to misconstrue what I said here is what I do and what I believe you should do. Nothing.

You’ve explained your view point with love and understanding. After a while it’s just tiring explaining yourself repeatedly. There are people in this world who love sin and believe that their POV is the only thing that matters. That’s okay, let them believe that. A person that cannot understand has a long way to go.

In the book of Proverbs chapter one the main themes that are discussed are obtaining and maintaining wisdom, purpose, understanding, and fleeing from sinful men. When a person does not know God they rely on only their own understanding. The problem is that they cannot hear or will listen to God because their arrogance will not allow them to. According to Proverbs 1:10, 18 NLT states, “My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them.” Verse 18: “These men lie in wait for their own blood; they ambush only themselves.”

Men and women who love a sinful nature or mock correction you must pray that they repent for their wicked ways. As I said before I am not God and neither are you. We as believers are supposed to spread the word and if people do not hear or listen, they’ll most likely not understand us. Proverbs 1:23 states, “Repent at my rebuke! Then I will pour out my thoughts to you, I will make known to you my teachings!” Without repentance you will not get far and you will remain lost.

Educating others about mental health and Christianity is not an easy task at all. If you are like me you know that you will receive condescending comments, accused of not being Christ like, or being called self-righteous all for simply teaching others not to side with evil. I used to put so much weight on my shoulders asking God, “Why is that nobody gets it. God I feel like your people are just so lost and can never be helped.” However, I check myself and realize that yet again, I’m human and I am not God. My only responsibility is to educate people on my teachings and let them go from there. I hope that they change their lives but if they don’t it’s in God’s hands, not mine.

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