Your job is not your god

Many people worship their job and try to climb this imaginary corporate ladder but fail to realize it’s 100% imaginary! In most cases it doesn’t matter what you can do and how well you produce, it’s based on who you know and who you hang out with that heavily dictates your “status” in the company. We as humans have been trained to value every word our boss says and constantly value their approval. But the only thing you should be reaching for is God’s approval, not man’s approval. 

Covid has taught me that a guy like me just doesn’t fit anywhere. I just can’t do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a jerk or anything but I just don’t understand why I have to compromise who I am to be liked. It’s crazy how people just believe that everyone is their friend, being positive all of the time just to get their way, or the cringy cliche, “We are all one big happy family”. Ugh, that makes me so sick to my stomach!

Also my personality is very focused and driven which I’ve found has rubbed many the wrong way! If anything, I’m a blue collar man with a blue collar mindset. You work hard, don’t complain, be cordial towards others and you should be rewarded. Unfortunately, with many 9-5 jobs that’s simply not the case! I learned the hard way that human nature is very cut throat and if you ain’t kissing up and stomping on toes you ain’t getting anywhere.

I’ve worked in Entertainment, education, and hospitality thinking things will change, but it never fails. America is just built on greed and many are ready to shut you down because you made them look bad. In my first year working in education I received my first evaluation. Everything seemed to be going well, but towards the end of my evaluation an eldery female teacher said to me, “Certain staff members don’t trust you, they feel as if you don’t have their back!” I remember just repetitively telling myself, “Caleb, don’t have a nigga moment!” That day I was so pissed off and couldn’t believe she said that to me! But I’m a man’s man so I finished the remainder of my job that day and went home.

The next day I asked one of my co-workers if this was true. She told me, “No that’s not true. It’s just sometimes you’re so quiet and you keep to yourself alot!” Ain’t that something! How does one’s quiet demeanor make them untrustworthy? Smh!

Charles Darwin once said, “Survival of the fittest” However, since this lady’s health was deteriorating she felt I was trying to compete against her. When you no longer fit enough to compete in the “9-5 culture” as an older person; you’re taught to use underhanded tactics to eliminate the competition. Which is why this lady thought I was trying to make her feel small when I was just doing my job! 

In situations like that I think about Matthew 16:26 (NIV), which states, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” 

Many people believe their job is their god. They worship their boss, climb the “corporate ladder”, make “friends/family” with everyone and never stop talking about others that they feel don’t “fit in”. In return, they’re miserable, their REAL families/friends never see them, and they simply lose their inner child. In Matthew 18:3 Jesus says, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you change and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Therefore, as a Christian man I can’t and will never worship my job and lose my inner child. The world has convinced us that we need to grow up and be adults. However, why does it seem as if adulthood is built on greed, money, pleasure, and losing yourself? Why are we so quick to bring each other down with hate instead of building each other up with love? Why do we feel the need to put others down to win instead of blaming ourselves and trying to improve? Now that I see the light it’s God first, myself second, and everything else last. When I was in darkness my job was first, me second, and then God. Boy did I have it wrong!

Friend, I say this to warn you. We are living in a very dark time because right is wrong and wrong is right! Do not overwork yourself for a company or for an individual. Take time off because your job will replace you in a new york minute. Also, if you’re looking for your job to care about you and show you the appreciation you deserve, good luck! Most jobs just don’t value their employees. Just do your job to God’s will and go home. God loves you, appreciates you, and will keep fighting for you when everyone else is silent on your behalf!

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