The momentum is shifting…

Yet again I feel as if the tides are turning and I can vividly hear the ocean waves. I’m not too sure what to think about it but I do know this. I’m done trying to overthink it! One cannot progress if one does not try. Therefore I must do what I have to do…

All my life I’ve been an introvert and my character has been assassinated by many people. People say he’s too quiet, standoffish, unapproachable, lazy, incompetent, and just plain weird. Unfortunately, I bought into this! I never fit in anywhere and still, not much has changed. But when I continue to read and penetrate God’s word I feel that I belong in His kingdom.

For years my confidence has never been the greatest. I always felt inadequate next to others and oftentimes would question what is my God given purpose on earth. Now, I believe I have an answer.

God wants me to minister His word by rejecting myself and just doing it! He doesn’t want me to be afraid of falling because he will catch me. Matthew 16:24-25 states, “Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.  For whoever would save his life[a] will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. 

When we trust in Him we will be protected from our enemies. Therefore, we will be protected from those who come against us. (Psalm 59: 1-2) Many will try to take you out and oftentimes it will be mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausting. But the lord will fill our cup and make us new men and women. But He will not do so if we do not believe in Him and continue in our own sin. If we reject the help of other believers He can only do so much. If we worship the world more than we worship Him, He can only do so much!

Nobody is perfect but as God’s people I believe we can do better to strive for His perfection. The momentum God is giving me right now is shifting in my favor and I believe it may be shifting in yours as well. But Caleb, how do I know If God is calling me for a higher purpose? How can I tell if God is shifting the momentum in my favor? Well, here is what I can tell you from what I’m experiencing right now!

  • You’ve fallen out of love with your job: This one is something I’ve been seeing. I no longer see myself working for people for too much longer. I only see myself rejecting myself and living for Christ in my words and actions. Before I would be nervous to even mention I was Christian but now, I am ready to minister in and out of season. I used to even defy my life through my job but I now realize this is just my 9-5 job. Just like how the Apostle Paul was a tent maker he still ministered the gospel. I work in education but I as well still minister the gospel with my blog and just by talking and helping people follow Him. 
  • Your dreams are becoming very vivid: I’ll be honest: I’ve had a couple of talks about this with other believers but I’ve never had this talk with a spiritual counselor. The last dream I had was me preaching about how God wants to deliver us from sexual sin, another time I drifted off into deep contemplation and found myself thinking about how I was going to talk about how to overcome fear. Mind you, it wasn’t in front of many people but I didn’t care. I was just letting the word flow through my mouth. I didn’t hesitate. Everyone was looking at me with awe and thinking, “Wow! God is really using Caleb. He barely says a word and usually stays in a stoic frame away from everyone. The lord is so great!”
  • You begin to pay CLOSE attention to what every leader (Pastor, teacher, and minister) says to you: Now I don’t mean just staring at people without saying anything. But before you never asked questions or took any notes. Now you are laser focused and ready to improve in your weak areas. I remember one of my small group leaders always showed up early, smiled as much as possible, greeted everyone, and stayed after a small group to talk to others. Another leader even said, “I used to just stay in the back and never say a word! Now God has me in ministry!” I even find myself doing things differently. Now I’m starting to talk more to others, become more vulnerable, and analyze my own insecurities and problems that prevent me from being an effective leader. 

I know that your soul aches from covid, depression, or any other illness but God just wants you to reject yourself and trust in Him. So now (Psalm 55: 22) states, “Give your worries to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will never let good people down.” I give my worries to Him and so shall you. We must always remember whenever the momentum shifts or we are embracing a troubling storm that we must still trust in Him. He will bring us to true peace and happiness not this wicked world. God bless!

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