The Power of Consistency

Life is about making mistakes. That’s it. You will make mistakes in life but are you giving yourself time to heal? If not, start today. No matter what, just start today. Don’t stop after you’ve “failed”, try again.

I used to be overweight for the majority of my life. I thought I would never be healthy and I was going to die at an early age. Instead of being a victim, I was determined to be a victor. I’ve learned that I don’t mind doing things the hard way. I don’t think that at first glance anything can be easy, nor do I believe anything should be given to me. If I don’t earn it then I don’t deserve it. If it’s given to me as some sort of charity, I’ll feel like a charity case.

My weight loss journey began back when I was 22 going on 23. Food and I just never could get along. I’d either eat too much or too little which caused my weight to never be consistent. I definitely had the same new year’s resolutions everyone else had which is, “To lose weight”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t grasp the concept of “Keeping it off and maintaining a healthy weight.” until I turned 24.

Your grit is defined by blood, sweat, and perseverance in order to earn your spot. Although I stand firm in this ideology, I do realize that you need a consistent plan in order to achieve whatever you put your mind to. 

For the past 3 years I’ve been at 160-165 by simply eating less and moving more CONSISTENTLY. Yes, there were days I just wanted to lie around and eat junk food. Instead, I looked at old photos and reminded myself that I was never going back to that guy again.  Therefore, I lift 3-4 days a week, I eat 3 well-balanced meals a day, I pray, fast, and make sure I prepare healthy foods for the week. Yes, I’ll eat junk food occasionally. But everyday will I consume fried food and other processed junk like there is no tomorrow? Absolutely not!

If I wasn’t constantly eating healthy everyday I’d be lethargic like many other family members of mine. Listen to me when I tell you that weight loss can happen in 30 days by clean eating, unhealthy diet pills, not eating, and vigorous exercise like the show “The Biggest Loser” but you will never keep it off long term because after the 30 days, you get tired and you forgot your “why”. Which will leave you gaining the weight back, becoming depressed and inconsistent, and eventually, giving up on yourself.  

Believe it or not your inconsistencies tell a lot about your character, or lack thereof. Whenever I see someone who is inconsistent I know that they don’t ask for help because they struggle with their prideful nature. 
They say things such as: 

  • “They got lucky!”
  • “Oh, I’ll start tomorrow!”
  • “Look what they have. They’ve been given everything and I’ve been given nothing! It’s just not fair. Life is too hard on me!”

However this is all just a bunch of excuses we’ve made up because we’ve been following the world and not God. If you talk to God today then don’t talk to Him for two months. Then magically talk to Him out of nowhere, that’s inconsistent. Just like weight loss if you’re not on your grind daily you will not succeed mentally, physically, and spiritually.

God wants you to talk to Him consistently. You have to understand, once you’ve been bought by Christ there is nothing the world can give you that will come close to God. Consistency is powerful when you follow Him. He can open so many doors for you when you believe. However, you lean to your own understanding instead.

The world teaches too much about self-reliance. Which I partially agree with. Yes, you have to push yourself. In the context of weight loss you have to rely on yourself to eat healthy because 9/10, your family gave up on their health a long time ago. Now they say crazy things such as, “We bless this food in Jesus’ name” while they eat a fried chicken sandwich with greasy fries and a large coke.

In contrast, my disagreement is this notion that we are gods. That we can conquer anything and we don’t need a higher power because religion is all about rules that we have to follow. This is just simply because we hate rules. We are disobedient by nature due to the fall of man in the garden.

Therefore, we knowingly and unknowingly mock God due to our own ignorance. We say, “I did this, I did that!” Sure, but it was God that helped you. We are not invincible, we are simply human.

War of Ages says it best:

My God will set fire to the altar

Pray to your gods while burning in your disbelief

You’ll be the first to admit that you’ve abandoned

All hope in the fight for integrity

There’s so many days where I just want to lie around in bed and feel miserable. But God doesn’t want that for me. He commands us to cast all anxiety and doubts unto Him. Once we do that we are able to fight any battle thrown at us and thrive through any adversity.

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