They will persecute you just like they persecuted Him

When you decide to tell yourself, “I’m gonna get it together this time!” Don’t be surprised when you experience persecution from others in passive ways.

Here are a couple of examples:

– Less phone calls/texts
– Joking about you in front of friends saying, “He too good for us now”
– Avoiding you completely by pretending to be too busy

This is all apart of the process because God is reshaping you. When you become a reformed man or woman in the image of the Most High you will experience pain, setbacks, suffering, and so much more because the world hates good people.

The world is not your friend. We are supposed to be of the world but never in it. When you begin to consume and follow His word you will lose friends and even family during your transformation. Jesus even said it himself, they will hate you because they hated me. (Reference John 15:18-27)

So many people changed up on me when I quit smoking weed and stop drinking. I used to get calls and texts all the time to the best parties and clubs in town. Everybody “loved” me I thought. But suddenly, when I told them about my sobriety and posted more about God on social media, my social feed changed and my circle became smaller.

Honestly, I did my best to keep a strong facade but just like Earl Sweatshirt said, “In the dark inside we was real hungry.”At the time, I found myself hungry for a real friendship, hungry for a woman who wasn’t playing the game, hungry for that same drive and purpose I had as a young boy balling on the court with a chip on my shoulder. Overall, just hungry to feel REAL instead of a PHONY.

I used to think there was something wrong with me, I doubted myself, I let my flesh takeover, I hated being me, and oftentimes I fantasized about being someone else.

However, when I came back home to God I realized that His love was all I needed. Not the love from various women, the bottle, or other substances. The love of this world is toxic and plastic. It’s not genuine, In fact, it’s disenguineous.

When you tell others NO to what’s hurting you inside many will never understand. It’s nothing personal, it’s just our world doesn’t know how to love anymore. We ridicule, criticize, and destroy one another by putting each other down because we’ve lost our ability to empathize properly.

Evil hates the light so when you walk into the room and become the light expect others to hate you. Stand with Him through trials and tribulations because He will never forsake you.

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