Peace and Bob Ross

How have you ever sat back and just wondered how Bob Ross remains extremely calm? Whenever he paints he never gets frustrated but refers to his mistakes as “just happy little accidents.”

Isn’t that interesting how life can be? We as men beat ourselves up repetitively and rarely give ourselves grace for simply moving forward. We’re so caught up in success, money, and trying to be better than the next man that we unknowingly neglect God.

According to, “In 1961, at the age of 18, Ross joined the Air Force and was assigned to an office job as a medical records technician. It was a career he would stick with for 20 years.

Much of Bob Ross’s time in the Air Force was spent at the Air Force Clinic at Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks, Alaska. He performed well enough to earn regular promotions, but this led to a problem. According to his own later account: [I had to be] the guy who makes you scrub the latrine, the guy who makes you make your bed, the guy who screams at you for being late to work.”

Feeling that his job ran against his natural temperament, he swore that if he ever left the military he’d never shout again. To lift some of the strain he was under, and to make a little extra money, Ross took up painting in his spare time.”

Ross’ flesh didn’t want him to be an angry Drill Sargent but he did what he had to. From
re-reading this article Ross’ had found painting to relieve his stress. In return, he became a full-time painter and seemed to live a low-key peaceful life.

How many times do we as men find ourselves playing a role we just don’t want anymore?

I know I can. In my younger days, I practiced stoicism. For those of you who are unaware of what stoicism is, it’s merely the practice of indifference. You rarely show emotions and neglect how you feel.

I picked this practice up because I was on a sabbatical with God and wanted to “do me” because I hated obedience. At that time my old job was soul-crushing so I’d just go home and look at porn or drink til’ the next day so I didn’t have to experience human feelings.

In the past 28 years, I’ve learned that this wicked world teaches through film and TV that a good man is a chump if he’s too “nice”. Without wise biblical counseling, his ways become evil because good has left his heart. Why? Because he internalized being good as a weakness.

Overall, stoicism did teach me a lot about emotional control and not valuing an opinion someone has about me. However, I still felt a void inside of me because I wasn’t at peace. I felt tortured by the enemy telling me in my thoughts, “Caleb, you will never be successful! You wasted you’re time and you should end it all!”

We as men are taught by the world to not show any emotions, to always be on the go, and to ignore the pain. And If we don’t, we face endless ridicule.

The last two years of my life have been rough. I was in my head a lot debating about going back to church and my mental health. I knew I needed God so I decided to surrender unto Him.

Therefore, in my pursuit of finding God, I found my new church home. Back in the day, the elders have told me that God has a sense of humor. I now believe that because here I am going through a crossroads in life thinking I’m alone. But it was just the enemy lying. Now I’m thankful to be surrounded by other like-minded believers.

This March will mark a full calendar year since I’ve been attending and I’ve reached the peace I’ve been searching for. I no longer feel like a double-minded man (James 1:8). No longer am I playing a character I saw on the idiot box or channeling an actor in a movie I thought was cool.

In comparison to Bob Ross finding peace through painting, we can experience an even deeper peace by dying to our flesh and living in our spirit. (Romans 8:13) Then that is how we as Men of God can truly embrace our happy little accidents because God forgives us as soon as we repent for our sins.

God does not want us to freak out during trials and tribulations. He wants us to pick up our mats and follow Him (Mark 2:8-11). We are commanded as men of God to be firm but to also show compassion. We must always use discernment in everyday life and never choose evil because it never equals peace. As men, our walk will continue to be hard because of the fall of man (Genesis 3:6). We will wrestle everday night but the battle belongs to God. Now be still and know he is God. He is in our hearts, minds, and souls when we give praise. He is waiting on you, what will you do? Will you choose peace or evil?

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