Are your thoughts from God or the world?

When I was younger my thoughts controlled me. Before I surrendered to Him I used to battle thoughts of anger, wishing death upon people, hating people, and fighting everyone. I would think I was gross, ugly, and could never be loved because my thinking was so destructive due to drinking, sex before marriage, porn, and drugs. Since I was too embarrassed I’d never say anything, which made matters worse.

If you’ve ever thought, “I just hate everybody!”  That’s not of God because He is love and justice, not hate and revenge! God does not want you to keep living this way. He wants you to take these thoughts to the altar instead of spazzing on others or thinking the worse in others!

I have to say it because Proverbs 31:8-9 (NIV) says, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” With this being said, we have to talk.

I believe that my older blogs were trying to get the approval of the world and Christ at the same time. I tried to eat my cake and have it too. One minute I was a Biblical Christian, but when it got rough or uncomfortable, I reverted to being a Cultural Christian to garner people’s feelings. I cared too much about likes and shares which caused me to be inconsistent with my writing and wondering, “Am I trying to make God or people happy?” Last week when I asked myself this question, I wasn’t entirely sure where God and I stood. Which was scary!

I knew something had to change and I knew I just had to surrender. But of course, the devil said, “You’re fine, you worry too much. You just need to relax!”

I was told by a wise Pastor to surrender. Simple right. But we as humans who battle mental health issues and demonic warfare make it difficult! Why? Because we can’t get out of our heads, our hearts are deceitful, and our emotions make us stupid.

In my current read, “Every Man, God’s Man” Stephen Arterburn discusses craving approval which hit me when the gut!

The author discusses why we as Christians shouldn’t play to the world but stay with God at all times. He said, “I craved approval, not knowing at the time that my behavior was preventing me from really growing as God’s man.” That had me asking myself, “Has my overthinking of God, past church hurt, family trauma, and personal pain prevented me from being, “God’s man.” The answer is Yes.

Over the past years, I have been so deep in my thoughts that I never fully surrendered until now. God’s been wanting me to submit to His will but my stubbornness wouldn’t allow it. Until now!

I surrender. Sure the world will say something stupid like, “This is just a phase for him. Give Caleb like a couple of months and he’ll get off this whole religious train!” But God knows I am not like that.

I’ll slip but I will not slide
I’ll fall but He will pick me up
I’ll sin but I will repent

As my Pastor has said before, “This is not a game!” And it’s not, my soul is on the line. When your thoughts are overwhelming you repent and take it to the altar. Don’t be ashamed. Stop being that man or woman who doesn’t get right with God on Sunday when Pastor invites you to the altar. It’s not even about him or her anyway, it’s about your soul. 

To conclude, are we going to put to death the deeds of the body or keep feeding our fleshy desires? Will we accept that we are aliens and this is our temporary homeland? Or will we keep living in denial and trying to people-please because we fear His light shining on us? You don’t have to say anything to me. Understand that you owe me nothing but you owe God everything because He gave His son to die for you. If everyone has rejected you, if you think that God is just like your molester, abuser, thief, etc, He is not. God is amazing and all He wants you to do is surrender to His will. But if you don’t, just know He will say, “Begone I never knew you!” I hope that’s not the case. Today is the time to talk with Him and depend on Him at all times. His power is more powerful than any drug, alcohol, woman, man, or anything this world has to offer!

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