Ghosting will not solve anything

We need to talk about Ghosting. Society will say my generation (Millenial and Gen-Z) are the blame but I disagree. Ghosting is a result of not communicating effectively due to the following:

 Your parents were passive
 Your friends never liked confrontation so they avoided hard talks
Your job didn’t respond to you

I can go on and on but the point is that as we get older we must tell others what’s going on or we will suffer in silence.

I’ll be honest. I’m not the best at telling others what is going on because I’m used to fixing my problems. My solutions included women, drugs, and alcohol. But since I’ve been bought by Christ I’ve realized neither of these vices work.

A sober mind is only kept with a consistent effort. If you aren’t following Christ daily and trying to go back to your old life, you will never be happy!

Today, you need to stop being a ghost. You’re older now and it’s not cute to just disappear and cry victim that no one understands you when you lean upon your own understanding.(Proverbs 21:17)

It’s not easy but think of it like a marathon. In a marathon, you just only run so much. You have to practice, be diligent and most importantly, give yourself grace because running a marathon doesn’t happen overnight! Here are a couple of tips that can help you out:

For example, “You’re not in the mood to talk” This happens to me alot. Sometimes I am just agitate or stressed between education, ministry, working out, etc. and I don’t amswer my phone. However, I’ve noticed that’s wrong and I need to respond because if I love my family or friends, I need to respect them enough to let them know what’s going on. How can I not let them know what’s going on when they ask in a text or call? How is this love?

Solution: Text back that person who is reaching out. If you don’t want to talk it happens, we’re human. Tell them something like: “Hey, thanks for checking in but I don’t want to talk today. I text you tomorrow, have a wonderful rest of your day.”

Instead of ignoring the person you communicated what’s going on. I have done this myself and it has worked. I just let people know what was going on and I didn’t lie. Be honest with people, respons back to texts, stop avoiding people or deep talks and people will respect you more and want you around more!

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